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Maryland CTE Career Clusters

Arts, Media, and Communication

Maryland offers great opportunities for careers in the Arts, Media and Communication Career Cluster. Students interested in this cluster combine creative abilities with technical skills and knowledge that prepare them for careers in: Broadcast Production, Graphic Communications, Web Design, Interactive Media and Game Design. Maryland CTE programs include a focus on mass communication and broadcast journalism, graphic communication, and multimedia production. Working with people from the industry helps ensure that our programs keep pace with the industry. These programs include options for students to earn industry certifications and college credit toward advanced study in the career field.

Programs of Study

Communication and Television Technology

The Communication and Television Technology program is currently under development. This program builds on current CTE programs and will provide students the opportunity to apply technical knowledge and skills to the production of radio, television and other media programs. Students will learn about media production and related operations including sound, video, film and digital media transmission. As part of the program, students may participate in an internship or mentored project related to the field of communication. Support for the development of this program is provided by Maryland Public TV, and Maryland film industry partners. THIS PROGRAM IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Graphic Communications (PrintED)

The Graphic Communications program is offered in partnership with the Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic (PGAMA). This program of study is designed to give students an overall understanding of the industry and its major operations while teaching academic and technical skills required in the field. Students can gain industry certification through PrintED in several areas, including; Introduction to Graphic Communication, Digital File Preparation, and Press Operations. While gaining the technical skills they need to succeed in this career pathway, students can also earn college credits through articulation agreements.

Interactive Media Production

The Interactive Media Production program includes a strong foundation in arts and communication with particular emphasis on graphic and media communications, interactive technologies, and project development. Students complete two foundation courses in Arts, Media and Communication and Interactive Media Production before selecting one of two options for advanced study - Interactive Media Production or Simulation and Gaming. In Interactive Media Production, students gain experience in Internet technology and website development, computer graphics, digital media production and project management. In Simulation and Gaming, students advance their understanding and skill level in computer game design and interactive programming. All students develop a portfolio of their work and may earn certification in Adobe Creative Suite or web design. Graduates may also earn articulated college credit.